Trade setup for 27th April


Markets are highly volatile. Friday it was up by 200 points, Monday it was down by 200 and yesterday it was up by 200 points. Today again it will be down by 200 points as per SGX. Seriosuly, how are people even trading in the weekly expiry. 

All technicals are now considered to be fools. Charts not respecting anything. The moment you think that market has made a bottom, there is a new bottom and the moment you think that the markets will collpase, the market rallies giving new hope. Welcome to stock market where uncertainity is the only certainity.

Thank god, I am trading in monthly expiries. Many people who are trading in the weekly expiries are taken for a trip.

Yesterday Bajajfinance came out with numbers and it was a fantastic performance. Not sure how the stock will react today as even icici bank performance was good but stock price did not react. And today, the markets are also going to be in the red.

Bajaj auto numbers are expected to be bad. So today the autos will also be under pressure.

LIC IPO price is around 900. I am planning to apply for 1 lot in multiple accounts. Allotment may be difficult. It may go higher on listing. The fundamental of the company is strong which can be used for long term investment. I am even buy in the market if I dont get the allotment. 

Now green energy sector is getting a lot of traction. Many countries like Korea, Japan have now shifted to green energy and are keeping a taeget of being 100%  green by 2050.

Not just in India, even the US markets are very volatile. Now the earning season is a reality check on the companies valuation. Now there will be meta coming out with numbers. The Alphabet number missed the estimates but microsoft has beaten the estimates. The dow feared that the earning will be bad and fell drastically led by these tech companies. GM number were good but the tech fears took the market lower.

The US markets fell. Dow lost 800 points. Now the futures are in positive. So the fall in our markets may not be very bad.

Tesla fell close to 12% on fear that Elon Musk will sell Tela to buy Twitter. Bill gates was short on Tesla. He would have minted money in yesterday;s fall.

Robinhood is cuttin 9% of its workforce. This means that the weak days for the markets are there ahead. It will be interesting to see how broking companies like zerodha, angel etc will do here in India.


  1. Now, you simply sit and watch the markets. First, let it settle and decide the direction. It will be difficult to trade with one day +200 and then -200 the next day.
  2.  The first hour low will be SL and I will be going long for intraday on opening. 
  3. Most of my monthly trades are in wonderful profit. I will be closing them today.
  4. The HCL earning trade which I took a week back is sitting with a profit of more than 2% . I am planning to close them today as margins will go up significantly in that today.
  5. I will not inititate any fresh trade for this week. On Friday, I will think to take fresh trades.
  6. My Algo trades are coming out beautifully. I am planing to come out as a service probably in a month's time.
  1. Dow lost 800 points and nasdaq fell close to 4%. IT in India may be in pressure today.
  2. Europe closed in the red.
  3. Today the Asian markets are in the red. Japan fell close to 2%.
  4. SGX is down 200 points.
  1. FII sold for 1100+cr and DII bought for 1600+cr
  2. Now DII will try to support the markets as LIC ipo is scheduled to come.