Trade setup for 5th April

 Yesterday it was HDFC HDFC and HDFC. Now, all of a sudden everything looks good. HDFC news came as a surprise. Nobody anticipated this. They announced the news just a few minutes before the market opened and then there was a gap up which fueled the market.

Now you know why FII became buyers in the last week and you know the stocks where they invested. HDFC chairman told that they did the entire thing in secret. But, it's not possible to do it all in secret as there will be 3rd party auditors and consultants who will be involved. At least some big boys would know and they would have taken advantage of this news. But as retailers, we have n way to know all of these.  

Now the combined entity will have a huge weightage in nifty and bank nifty. But the entire operation will take another 1-2 years. It will be the 2nd largest company in the country.

Not only this, nifty has now closed above 18000 which I did not expect would happen this week.

The markets are in the hands of a strong bull market. Banknifty crossed 200 DMA the day before yesterday and there was a wonderful follow-through. Now markets may make an all-time high this month.

The major problem now is that the crude. If that stabilizes then we may make new records.

EU is planning to impose more sanctions on Russia. Let's see what kind of restriction will be put.

Elon musk bought 9% in Twitter. Twitter shares jumped 27% yesterday in the US.

This Friday, we have the RBI policy and that will decide the further movement in the market.


  1. My weekly trades are in a danger spot as I did not expect 18k to be taken out. Now I am firefighting with the market.
  2. My monthly trades are also in the mild loss. I may have to close them to release the margin for firefighting. 
  3. I have started doing algo intraday trades in banknifty. It working from past 2 days. I will gradually be increasing the volume in this.
  1. The US markets closed higher.
  2. Europe closed in the green.
  3. Today the Asian markets are flat. SGX is suggesting another 100 point gap. Markets are slightly overbought for short term. The 100 point gap may not be sustained and there might be profit booking. So be careful if you are entering now.
  1. Yesterday both of them bought. FII bought for 1200cr and DII bought for 1600cr
  1. Crude is increasing again. It is now at $109
  2. $ is at Rs 75.5