Trade setup for 16th June

 Finally, the major event that the world was waiting for is over. FED has hiked interest by 75BPS which was as expected by many analysts. Stock markets are happy as they had factored in this hike when the CPI data came in. 

Don't be happy that markets are going to recover. Inflation is here to stay. FED also told that they may hike the rate by another 75 bps in July as well. But now you can consider that 15700 as strong resistance as there was a double bottom there. Anytime, if markets break then don't hesitate to short the market.

Reliance is below 2600. Tata steel closed below 1000. Today they might recover as markets are going to be higher. I am selling PE in these and will take delivery if it becomes ITM.

From now, blind investing won't work as it worked in 2020. From now you need to be extra smart to be successful in investing. I am not good at that, so I move some to debt funds and a small portion to equity funds. I will also use my brain to buy some stocks. I am pretty sure that will be a flop stock, so I don't invest much there. 

If FD interest rates go beyond 8(by any chance) in this year then setting up a long-term FD will not be a bad idea.

You can comment on anything and everything about investment, but I personally feel that you need some factor of luck to be on your side also to make money here. 

Bitcoin almost kissed $20k and rebounded after the FED outcome. Today buffet quotes are becoming famous where he told these cryptos are shit. Sometime back when it was at an all-time high, all told that buffet is an old guy. This is how tables turn. So be humble and empathize with others. You never know when tables turn.

The US markets rallied and today also the futures are also in the green.


  1. I had sold huge quantities of 15650pe in weekly expiry. It was in red. I took a chance with my fingers crossed and it looks like today will be a profitable day for me.
  2. I have sold 16k ce also as I had suggested in my twitter. Now I want to see if that will be challenged. Mostly it wont.
  3. For this entire week I was sitting in a loss as the VIX was not falling at all and the premiums were spiking. For example, yesterday at 2:30 I sold 16100ce at 9rs and it closed at 24rs with hardly any move in nifty. This is the impact of event.
  4. Today the banknifty futures trade will also be in wonderful profit

  1. US markets recovered after the FED policy which was expected, at least by me.
  2. Europe also recovered.
  3. Today the Asian markets are in the green. SGX is up by 150 points.
  4. US futures are also in the green.
  1. FII sold for 3500and DII bought for 2500cr