Trade setup for 1st sept

 The see-saw movement continues. Frankly, its very very difficult if the movement is sooo volatile. Guessing the direction has become almost practically impossible. 

On Monday, nifty fell almost 400+ points. On Tuesday it shot up almost 500 points. Today SGX is suggesting a 300+ gap-down. How do you trade such markets? This is happening in only our markets. The US markets are not so volatile. They have fallen continuously for 4 days. Why are we sooo volatile?

India's GDP is below expectations. We grew at 13% in the last quarter. Is this the reason for the volatility? There are mixed feelings in the market as India's growth story seems good and FII is pumping money, but the US markets are falling. But the way it works is if the US markets fall then we follow. It does not matter how good our internal things are. But, when the US markets recover then we will recover faster. So the buy on dip should continue for now.

Day before yesterday, all stocks rose. Autos, Financials, IT were the major contributors. We need to see what will happen to them today.

Maruti is set to invest on a EV battery plant in Gujrat. Today you have the Auto sales figures.

Snap will be firing 20% of its workforce in a major restructuring plan. The stock shot up 8%.

Today you have the China manufacturing data. China's factory activity shrinks.

Now the US has restricted chip sales to China. 


  1. I had done a live youtube trade on Friday and even after such a volatile week, I did not do any adjustments and it looks like I may do around 1-2% profit in today's trade. I will be doing a video today explaining why I did not do adjustments and what was the thought process.
  2. Now my positional trading will be managed by algos. Will be managing client trades also by algos very soon.
  3. Today I will be executing a short straddle in nifty at open if the straddle premium is between 125-150
  4. The infy trade which I suggested some days back is in decent profit already. But I will hold this till expiry.
  1. FII bought for 4000+cr and DII old for only 650+cr
  1. Crude is falling on fears of recession. Crude is now at $95.5
  2. $ is at Rs 79.45