Trade setup for 2nd August

 Looks like the bears are sleeping. It looks like the bears and bulls are taking turns in resting. When there was inflation, markets fell as if the world came to an end. Now they are rallying almost 200 points daily. Nifty has rallied 900 points in 1 week. This is crazy. 

RBI is selling USD to keep it below 80. Yesterday was a mixed day. India vix shot up close to 5% but markets also shot up more than 150 points. Usually, markets go in red when Vix shoots up, and given that markets had rallied for the last 2-3 days continuously, many including me were short in the market hoping that there will be some pull back. But markets have a different story. 17250 was taken out, then 300, and then 350. 

Banknifty which was low in the first hour started trending and became the most contributed index yesterday. 

Autos are also in focus when M&M rallied 6% because of the record booking of Scorpio N.

Reliance is in its mojo. IT was a slight laggard.

If all contribute then it's obvious that the markets will rally.

Recently when the tata motors result came, it was bad. All expected the stock to fall slightly. But now it is making new records every day.

Zomato came out with numbers and now they have stopped burning cash and now they are almost at breakeven. It has fallen too much. So if anyone interested can invest some in this at this level. I am not investing in this.

ITC numbers were good as expected.So today that may contribute to the index rally.

5g auction is over and govt got 1.5lak cr. Reliance jio being the top bidder.

South korea inflation rises. Today the hongkong index is down 2%. So is the party in Indian markets over?? This is the best time to sell 18k and above calls in the monthly expiry.

Nancy peoloci is visiting Taiwan and this has angered China. 


  1. My intraday system has generated almost 0.8% yesterday. I have started deploying 25lak for this month. Yesterday, it gave around 20000 profit.
  2. I had sold some calls yesterday hoping that the markets would fall. But that did not happen. They are in minor loss and today they may turn into green.
  3. Today I will be selling more 18k and above calls in monthly series.
  4. I am concentrating more on the intraday algo which is promising. If things work properly, then in 2-3 months I may completely move to that.
  1. US markets closed in the red.
  2. Today the Asian markets are in deep red after S.Korea inflation rises.
  3. China debt rises and now they are cutting costs to keepup. They have a debt of almost 250% of its GDP.
  4. SGX is suggesting a -ve start.
  1. Crude is now within $100. Crude fell overnight as recession fear increases and the consumption is expected to fall in the recession.
  2. $ is at Rs almost Rs79
  1. Now FII are buying. They are buying from last 5 days agressively.
  2. Yesterday FII bought for 2300cr and DII solf dor 800+cr