Trade setup for 30th August

 Yesterday we had a big gap down and then there was buying at the lower levels. Seeing the recent trends which is happening in the Indian markets, every dip is being bought. So it looks like our markets are very strong compared to other markets. This is not the first time where the global markets fell and we did not fall so much. 

But still, we are not independent completely. In fact, in this globalized world, we cannot be independent and rally upside when the world is falling. But this is clearly a buy on the dip market. Whenever there is a dip, make sure you go long than short as that is favoring the market.

Yesterday we had the RIL AGM and they will be rolling out 5g very soon in India. But RIL fell after the AGM and closed in the red.

Mukesh Ambani plans succession which was the mistake that his father had done. He did not want to do the same thing so they don't fight after he is gone. 

IT has been beaten down. You look for an opportunity when the entire sector is beaten down because when the trend changes, they will be the ones that will lead the rally. 

Yesterday it was banks that led the fall. If you remember they led the rally till now. So it's better to avoid banks for some time.

In the US the home sales have gone down and the figures are close to the 2008 figures. So many are expecting a recession after seeing those numbers. I dont think there will be any major recession.

I tried my hand in the intraday Algo trades. I found some major flaws and I will be discontinuing that. I will be doing the positional trades using algo. That seems to be promising. 


  1. I took the below trade in Infosys
    1. +2 X 1460ce
    2. -1 X 1400ce
    3. -3 X 1600ce
  2. I did not do any adjustments in the weekly trade that I took even when there was a fall yesterday as I wasn waiting for some magic to happen in the 2nd half after the RIL AGM. Markets did recover and today I will be in a sweet spot. The trade was shared in youtube live
  3. Today I will be taking some bullish trades in the weekly expiry
  1. The US markets closed in the red but today the US futures are in the green.
  2. Europe also closed in the red.
  3. Today the Asian markets are in the green. SGX is suggesting a 70 point gap.
  1. Yesterday the FII sold for 561cr and DII bought for 144cr
  2. Now the institutional figures have gone down significantly. From 1000s they are now in 100s. Is the large movement due to a lack of volumes??
  1. $ went above 80 and is now below 80. Today we need to see if there will be any recovery.
  2. Crude is at $104