Trade setup for 6th Sept

 Russia has stopped the gas supply to Europe. Now its the starting of winter and Russia knows that this is the time when they need the gas. But Europe did not panic this time. Probably, they expected this and they have made some earlier arrangements. Now the world is planning to cap the Russian oil. We need to see what India will do about it.

Even the crude oil, currencies did not panic. Only the german markets panicked a little and fell. The US market on Friday fell by almost 600. Yesterday was a holiday and the futures are in the green.

As I told in the last video that if the US has to bounce, then this is the place it should bounce and it looks like it may bounce from here.

Now all eyes are on the CPI data and we need to see if there is any cool in the inflation.

Liz will be the next British PM. Our Rishi fought hard, but luck did not favor him. Frankly, his chances were low only. 

Volkswagon will be coming out with Porshe's IPO. Nobody expected this during these times.

Nifty had a fantastic rally yesterday. It was led by banks, RIL, ITC, metals. For now, IT is low. The Infy strategy which I did is in minor profit only. I am expecting nifty to rally when nasdaq begins to rally. Even for nasdaq, this is the time for it to rally as it is at its support area.


  1. Banknifty is at almost 40k. I dont think 40k will be taken out this week. So I am selling some OTM ce
    1. -10 X 40200ce
  2. The trade which I shared in twitter and telegram. For now it is sitting in decent profit. I have not done any adjustment. Today I will be selling the hedges if markets are flat or negative.
  3. I am expecting markets to go higher from here, so I am executing the below trade in monthly expiry
    1. +1 X 17200pe
    2. -5 X 17000pe
    3. -5 X 16800pe


  1. Yesterday was US holiday.
  2. Europe fell but Germany fell close to 2% due to Russia stopping nord stream 1
  3. Today the Asian markets are flat. SGX is flat
  1. FII sold for 800+cr and DII bought for 500+cr
  1. Crude is at $95
  2. $ is teasing Rs 80