Trade setup for 1st nov

My algo seems to be trading fine. For the month of October, I have got a profit of more than 6%. I will be trading with the same capital for another month before scaling. From today I will be trading in my Kotak securities account with a capital of 2lak as brokerage is 0. The code is ready to be fired.

It looks like we will be making an all-time high very soon. We are just 350 points away from that mark. Today SGX is already suggesting a 100-point gap up. Now the hurdle is the FED meet outcome. Will the FED favor the markets or will it be a spoiler??

In a situation where the entire world is feared of recession, we are making an all-time high. Stock markets are a really interesting place. Now India is the most favored destination for fresh money to flow.

In the last 3-4 days, the FII money flows have increased drastically. Is it temporary or are they seriously looking for India? Now in Brics, the number of left-inclined nations is more after the Brazil election. So it seems like, India is the go-to destination for the FII's

We managed to close above 18k yesterday and today we have a decent follow-through. For now, there is no point in looking for short. Look for opportunities to go long in the market. I would wait for the FED and RBI events to take fresh longs. 

Again the USDINR is inching close to Rs 83. It shot up slightly more yesterday. Even then the banknifty managed to close in the green.

The tech stocks on the nasdaq are sold heavily. Meta is now below 100. Yesterday it fell close to 6%.  

Elon musk is the CEO of Twitter. 

Byjus has fired 5% of its employees. This is how overleveraged tech startups behave. The investors did not find the exit route via IPO. So now they have stopped fresh investment which is having a toll on the daily operations. I really appreciate Nithin Kamath for saying no to the VC money which was knocking their doors.

Yesterday it was RIL, Autos and banks which led the rally and took nifty above 18k.

Nykaa shot up 20% after the bonus date was postponed. It is now close to its IPO issue price. Last week it came below 1000. I prefer to stay away from this now. If the markets are good then this may go higher from here.


  1. For this week, if we close above 18100 then we may not go below 18k. In the last hour, I will sell 18k and below strike PE for the weekly expiry
  2. I am executing the below trade in banknifty in the monthly 
    1. +1 X 42000ce
    2. -5 X 43000ce
  1. Yesterday the US markets closed in the red. 
  2. Today the Asian markets are in the green. The US futures are in the green.
  3. SGX is up by more than 100 points
  1. FII bought for 4000+cr and DII sold for just 1000+cr. This is the highest buy from FII in the recent times.