Trade setup for 16th Nov

 The markets are in strong hands at the moment. For now, 18500 is the resistance. If that is taken out then ATH is an easy one.

Today bikaji foods will debut the street. We need to see if this will be a flop or a blockbuster. If you have observed, the ads of bikaji foods have reduced. I prefer to stay away from IPO stocks for some time.

Yesterday we had the fiscal deficit data, export data which came out and it was bad. Despite that there was a rally in the last hour. The markets are climbing all the walls of worry and going higher.

Now all the new age companies' pre ipo lock-in period is ending. So all eyes on paytm, nykaa etc. Nykaa fell 10% yesterday. Paytm may not fall more as it has fallen a lot after the IPO. Nykaa did not fall after the IPO. So there might be more pain in nykaa and not much in paytm. 

Today a Russian missile has killed 2 in Poland. Will this anger the NATO?

Donald Trump is back. He has officially announced that he would be contesting for the 2024 presidential election. 

Today the G20 meet is ending. There seems to be an emergency meeting after the Russian missile hit Poland. 

The US markets shot up 300+ points and closed flat. The gap up did not sustain. However, the techs were gaining as many have announced layoffs. 

India VIx is below 15 now. After a long time, it is at this point. Naked option selling is slightly dangerous at these point as vix might rise suddenly taking the premiums higher. So play with hedge.


  1. My Algo trade was able to give almost 2% profit yesterday. For the month I am sitting with a profit of almost 3.5% which I feel is very good without intervention. The kotak issue which I had is also solved. From next month, I will be gradually scaling my capital in the algo. My intention is to move to algo fully in the next 6 months. Lets see.
  2. For tomorrow's expiry, I am executing the below trade with the margin available
    1. +1 x 18400pe
    2. -5 X 18300pe
    3. -5 X 18200pe
    4. +9 X 18000pe
  3. The adani ent trade which I took is in wonderful profit. I had shared that in the blog some days back.
  1. US gapped up but did not sustain. Dow closed flat. Nasdaq gained 1.5%
  2. Europe also closed in the green
  3. Today the Asian markets are flat to negative. SGX is flat.
  1. Crude is at $93.65
  2. $ is at Rs 81.2
  1. Yesterday FII sold for 200+cr and DII sold for 500+cr. Then who the hell bought in the last hour for that rally.