Trade setup for 18th Nov

 Yesterday, it was expiry and the markets fell drastically in the last hour. Today we are entering the monthly expiry. Expect the markets to be volatile. this week as well.

Again, if closing is above 18500, I will go long aggressively. If closing is below 18300 then sell 18500ce aggressively. This is my simple strategy for this week. I will be going all in in this trade. No adjustment. Just put a SL and follow the market. 

Now all the pre IPO locking period is over in these new age tech platform companies like nykaa, paytm etc. They are having a lot of selling pressure. Yesterday paytm fell close to 10%. Nykaa surprised. It fell close to 5% and closed in the green. I prefer to stay away from these volatile stocks for now. I have a small investment in paytm which is in minor loss. I bought it around 650. 

Adanis and Ambanis are in the race to buy everything in the world. A few decades back, it was a competition between Tatas and Birlas. Today it is between Ambanis and Adanis. They are planning to buy stakes in airports, and football leagues. 

There is a huge drama in the Twitter office. First, musk fired employees. Then he brought them back. Now the employees are resigning. Not sure what game is being played there.

Coming to the technicals, if markets have to collapse then it should happen in this week as RSI made a peak of close to 70. If markets don't colllpase then this will be consolidation after the rally which should be used to buy. You can easily expect the markets to make an ATH in the next month.

Softbank's Mayatoshi son owns close to $ 4 billion to investors. You can see how a simple rate hike by central banks craked these people. It cracked the crypto world, making some of the biggest exchange files for bankruptcy. The moral is, times change more quickly than we anticipate. 

Keep an eye on the auto stocks. Whenever markets fall, they will show weakness. Tata motors is getting back to back bad news. First, JLR CEO resigned. Now UK has removed subsidy on EV which will impact jlr. Will that lead the fall?


  1. Yesterday, my algo worked fantastically and gave a profit of around 2%. Now for November, it is close to a gain of 4%. I am developing the algo to work in multiple accounts and will make it available to public in Jan. From next month, I will trade with 3 set(6lak)
  2. It's wait and watch for me. 18300-500 range should be taken out for me to decide.
  3. This week movement will make my decision to go long or short in December. Its too soon for me to decide the movement for the next month.
  1. Yesterday US markets fell at open and closed flat. The techs lost slightly more. So nasdaq closed by losing 0.35%
  2. Europe closed in the red. 
  3. Today the Asian markets are flat to positive. SGX is up by 45 points.
  1. Yesterday FII bought for 600cr and DII bought for 400cr
  2. Nowdyas this data is confusing. One day they sell, then they buy. There is no clear trend which I can see here.
  1. Crude is at $90
  2. USDINR is close to Rs 81.5