Trade setup for 21st November

 As I told you before, the range was 18300-500. The direction would continue if this range was taken out. On Friday, the nifty closed below 18300, and as I told I would aggressively short 18500ce. I did this and today SGX is suggesting a 80-point cut. Now I will put an SL to the cost and leave it. The reason why I am placing an SL is that the volume is very high.

Now it clear that nifty has had a rally from Oct beginning and now you can see a pullback. Use this pullback to go long in the dec series. I don't think the pullback will go below 17500. If that happens then we change our view and take actions accordingly. I cannot take trades for Dec as I am fully occupied in Nov trades.

But Dec will be a low-volume month as the FII go on Christmas vacation. Even that needs to be kept in mind. When volumes are low, the slippage is high and the movements are sharp.

Dr Reddy will be out of Sensex very soon. So that might add some pressure on the stock. 

The export duties on metal products are now nil. This is a fantastic story over the weekend. So keep an eye on metal stocks. They might support the markets today. 

 For investment purposes, stay out of the techs. Techs have had their good times for decades now. Its not sure if this decade's bull run has come to an end or not? 

As the war situation eases, the crude is also falling which is good for India. 

It looks like Trump is not interested in Twitter anymore even after Musk activated his account back. There is a lot of drama happening on Twitter in Twitter. Any publicity is good for Elon musk.

So FIFA world cup begins with no beer. It looks like American influence did not work or they did not put much pressure.


  1. My algo worked well on Friday. It was able to catch the trend perfectly. For this month, I am sitting with a profit of almost 6% for the month.
  2. As I told you before, I have sold huge quantities of 18500ce with SL.
  3. Not much new trades initiated as there is no margin. Now it is just wait and watch for me. 
  1. Today hong kong is down 2%
  2. SGX is suggesting a 80 point cut.
  3. US futures is down by more than 100 points.
  1. FII sold for 750cr and DII bought fir 800+cr
  1. Crude is now at $87
  2. $ is at Rs 81.8