Trade setup for 22nd November

As expected, 18300-500 was the range and as I told I had sold 18500 ce in huge volumes daybefore yesterday around 30+. Yesterday when markets fell, the premiums have fallen and are within 10 now. It may go to 0 but this is expiry week. Be ready for surprises. So I will keep an SL of 20. 

 For Dec, the markets may not go higher. I am planning to close to profit trades and sell some 19000 ce for Dec. There are a lot of nifty options which are around 1rs, 2rs in my portfolio. I will be closing them today to release the margin and execute this trade. SL is when the spot closes above 18500.

For now the markets are weak. Not just in India, but the entire world. So try taking a short trade for the Dec series. The reason I am concluding this is that the world markets are falling, FII is started selling again, and inflation and layoff rising. The only worry is the Gujarat election. Last time during this election, markets fell with a gap-down as congress was leading in Gujarat. Then BJP started leading and there was a massive recovery. So not sure what will happen this time. This time AAP is also giving some competition. Frankly, no one can predict market movement on these event days. So don't waste time analyzing for this day.

Another cryto exchange genesis is planning to file bankruptcy. I had invested 5k in wazirx long back. Now its value is 800. 

Bitcoin is now below $16k.

Elon musk and Twitter have been the talk of the town. He has stopped blue tick verification for some time as there were fake handles getting a blue tick.

Yesterday, it was the banks that provided support to the market. It did not fall much and it closed at the high point of the day. So today there could be some upmove in the banks. I would see this opportunity to short. A few days back, I told it's buy on dips. Now I am telling sell on a rally. You should be this flexible. You should change your view as the market behaves. You cant stick to one view and expect markets to do that. As data changes, you change. There are many times when I am bullish in the morning and bearish in the noon as well.

The new-age startups are having a bad time. Paytm, Nykaa, zomato are all falling. More executives have left zomato.


  1. Yesterday my algo gave a loss of almost 1%. For the month its sitting with a profit of more than 4%
  2. As I told you, I will be selling 19k ce for Dec with 18500 on spot as SL.
  3. Most of my trades are in good profit till today. 
  4. Not taking aggressive trades for Dec due to elections in Gujarat
  5. For this series, 18500 may not be taken out.
  1. Yesterday the US markets closed in the red. Dow closed mildly in the red. Nasdaq lost more than a percent
  2. Europe closed in the red.
  3. Today the Asian markets are in flat to positive. SGX is suggesting a +ve start.
  4. US futures are in the mild green at the moment.
  1. Yesterday FII sold for 1600+cr and DII bought for 1200+cr
  2. For this month, FII are in green. They have bought for almost 11kcr. Lets see what will they do for the last week
  1. Crude is almost at $88
  2. USD is at Rs 82