Trade setup for 24th Nov

 Yesterday we had the FED minutes which were observed by the world to see what FED will do in the future. The outcome was that FED sees that there will be small rate hikes in the future and feels that inflation will gradually come down.

This was good news for the market and the US markets closed in the green. Dow gained around 100 points. 

Today the Asian markets are cheering and all are up. 

The important thing is oil is falling. It is close to $85 now. This is good for India. On top of this we are also getting discounted oil from Russia. 

Yesterday markets shot up and was in good green till last hour. Then there was a sudden selloff in the last hour as people wanted to stay away from the FED event. Today you can see that the SGX is suggesting a 85 point gap. 

Today is expiry and being monthly expiry you can expect some volatility. 

The VIX is also low. So the option premiums are also low. Taking any trades is slightly risky as there can be a sharp movement. So I will not be initiating fresh trades for today's expiry. 

Paytm, nykaa are slipping further. Now paytm is 80% from its issue price.


  1. No trades for today.
  2. My algo trades gave wonderful profit yesterday. It was able to capture both the uprally and the downrally. For the month it is sitting with a profit of almost 6%
  3. For next month, I will be adding 5 more accounts for this algotrade a beta testing + I will be scaling by capital to 6lak where I will be running 3 sets.
  4. For December, I had taken a call ratio trade in adani ent. It has fallen drastically and I am already sitting with a wonderful profit.
  5. I am not expecting huge uprally in Dec. So I am executing the below trade
    1. +1 X 18500ce
    2. -3 X 19000ce
  1. The US markets gained. Dow gained almost 100 points and nasdaq gained 100 points.
  2. The US futures are flat. But our Asian markets are cheering more than the US markets after the FED minutes.
  3. Europe as well closed in the green.
  4. Today the Asian markets are in the green. SGX is up by 90 points.
  1. Crude at $85
  2. $ at Rs 81.7
  1. FII sold for 800cr and DII bought for 400cr