Trade setup for 25th Nov

 Yesterday was a holiday in the US for thanksgiving. Most of the positional trades were taken for a ride yesterday as nifty shot up almost 250 points and baknifty shot up 400 points. 

Banknifty has made n all-time high.  Nifty shot up more than 100 points after 3PM.

Sensex at ATH. Not many country's indexes are at ATH. Proud that we are. At the same time, its scary. If this is a false move then the fall will be equally bad.

The market was trending for the entire day on the upside. Since it was expiry day, we were expecting some volatility. But the vix was also falling. So I personally expected markets to fall in the last hour. But luckily, I did not have any trades as there was no margin and I was fully occupied. 

I had sold huge quantity of 18500 ce from the beginning of the month. Made a good profit for the end of the month.

Now the IT rally has begun. IT was the beaten-down sector till now as the US techs were in bad shape. Yesterday Infosys rallied more than 3%.

Today if there is follow through then it's a good time to go long on this. We need to see if was that just expiry manipulation or was there a real move in the sector.

The next trigger in this month is the Gujrat election and FED policy. So make sure you go low in this month. There can be sudden move. As for now, BJP will retain Gujarat. But, you never know about election results.

Adani will be considering almost $5billion to fund its group companies. Adani ent is falling everyday now. Its below 4k now. I have executed a call ratio in this for December. I am already sitting with a profit. 

Binance has learnt a lesson for FTX. They are taking steps which FTX did not take. 


  1. Yetserday when there was a rally at 3pm, I anticipated that this would be a expiry rally and I took the below trade. Will be happy if markets fall from here
    1. +1 X 18500pe
    2. -2 X 18600pe
    3. -5 X 18800ce
    4. -5 X 18150pe
  2. Today I will be deciding whether markets will continue its rally or not by seeing some data. 
  3. Bajaj finance is falling and is close to 6800. I will execute the below trade in bajfin
    1. +1 X 7000ce
    2. -4 x 7500ce
  1. US was on holiday.
  2. Today the Asian markets are in the red. SGX is down by 40 points
  1. Crude is at $85.5
  2. $ is at Rs 81.6
  1. FII bought for 1200+cr and DII sold for only 250cr