Trade setup for 14th Dec

 I expected the market to correct before making the next move, but it looks like I have been proved wrong. As expected, guessing the market movement on events is almost impossible. Sometimes, you might just get lucky in that.

Yesterday there was CPI data in the US and the inflation has cooled significantly. There was a huge drama in the US markets yesterday. There was a gap up of 700 points in the dow. Then it went to red and then managed to close in the green by gaining 100 points. The game is not over yet. We have the FED policy today. Tomo you have ECB decision. 

In today's fed meet, there is an expectation of hiking the rate by 50bps. Looks like the markets have factored in this. Anything less like 35,25,40bps will take the markets higher. So tomorrow's expiry will be interesting. 

After this week, for the next 2 weeks there are no major data which will be coming. It will be a quite for the next 2 weeks.

SGX shot up 200 points when dow was in the green. Then cooled off and is now suggesting a 100-point gapup.

My algo did hit the SL yesterday where it lost close to 5%. This is some of the times when the algo goes to the drawdown phase. But for the month, it's still sitting in a profit of 2%. As I told before, the algo does not give huge profits. On average you can expect 4-5% per month. Anything above that is a bonus. 

Paytm buyback is not a big event. The buyback price is good, but they are buying worth of only 850cr. So this may not trigger the stock movement higher.

Argentina is into finals. Today you have another semi finals. I am planning to watch today's match and the finals. Expecting France in the finals and hoping Argentina to win as this is Messi's last world cup.

FTX CEO has been caught in Bahamas and is sent to US.


  1. Most of my trades were on the short side. Looks like I will have to run for cover today. I should be doing aggressive adjustments today. Since the volume is less, there is nothing to worry.
  2. Not initiating fresh trades.
  1. US gained just mildly after making a fantastic gapup.
  2. Europe closed in the green.
  3. Today the Asian markets are in the green. SGX is suggesting a 100 point gap.
  1. After selling for many days, FII finally bought for 600+cr and DII bought for 35cr
  1. Crude is at $80.5
  2. $ is at Rs 82.5 We need to see if this will improve today.