Trade setup for 29th Dec

 Now covid is again playing in the markets. The crude oil prices are falling with the anticipation of demand falling. 

Many countries have made mandatory checks for people who come from China. 

Among this, there is a fear of recession as well which is playing in the market. 

Despite all this, Indian markets are not falling but the US markets are falling. This is the problem. When we go in tandem with the world markets, you can be sure that when the world reverses, India can reverse. But now, we are not falling much and the world is falling. Now we don't know if the world will reverse or will we fall in line with the world.

India is expecting covid cases to rise in Jan. So make sure you are safe and inside. Don't party outside for the new year. 

Now nasdaq is at a support area. If it has to bounce then this is the region. So 10k may be a strong support. If anyone is investing in the US stocks then one can invest in the tech stocks in phases if 10k is protected in nasdaq.

The big tech stocks are under pressure. Yesterday, the apple fell close to 3% and is now at 52-week low. Tesla is any way in lows. Elon musk says tesla investors not to break their heads for stock market craziness.

We had 2 good days. Yesterday there was a pause. Today is expiry and anything can happen.


  1. Most of my trades are in a good position for this expiry. 
  2. Yesterday I sold some 18100 short straddles. I am not expecting much fall for today. It looks lie 18k might be protected. I will be putting the SL for the risky trades which I have.
  3. I will close some of the trades which are in profit and will initiate next week's and month's trades.
  1. US markets fell yesterday. Dow fell close to 300 points. Today even the futures are in mild red. Nasdaq fell more than 1.3%
  2. Europe also closed in the red.
  3. Today the Asian markets are in the red. SGX is suggesting a fall of 80 points.
  1. FII sold for 872cr and DII bought for 372cr
  1. $ at Rs 82.85
  2. Crude at $82.8