Trade setup for 31st Jan

 Today is the last date of the Jan month. The algo trades have been good for me this month. I was able to make around 23% for this month using algo. There were a lot of system errors and misses. We have rectified most of that. Gradually as the algo evolves, the new errors which it encounters will be fixed incrementally. The entire month's status is given below. I had shared each and every day status in my twitter and facebook. Currently, I am running the also in 14 accounts. I will be conducting a seminar shortly on this. So watch out this space

For the last day, I have sold some deep OTM puts so that I can pocket some profit and not keep the account idle.

IMF believes that inflation is cooling and has increased the growth forecast of the world. So this leaves some room to the FED to halt hiking rates. Will they abide to the forecast by IMF and stop hiking rates or will they go ahead and hike rates?

Abu Dhabi investment firm has committed $400 million to Adani FPO.

Top banks have told that their exposure to Adanis is not very huge and is manageable.

LIC has told that its exposure is small to Adani. 

So the fear that the banks will go bankrupt if Adani defaults is gone. This will give a relief rally to the banks.

Today is the last date for FPO. Will it be subscribed??

If it is subscribed then the short covering in the banks can take markets higher. If the budget and FED support the markets then the short-covering rally will be very strong. I am expecting this at the moment. As I told you yesterday, the risk-reward is on the higher side than shorting.

Yesterday was a very volatile day. Nifty gapped up and went to 17700, then fell to 17400, and then again went to 17700. Don't ask banknifty. It's better you check it yourself. 😂😂😂 

I love volatility with higher vix as my algo will be able to capture the moves easily.

Today, some of the non-FNO Adani stocks circuit limit is capped to 10% from 20%. So there might not be much volatility(hopefully). Gautam Adani fell to 7th place due to this saga.

Bajaj finance number came out and it took the stock higher and closed above 6k.


  1. Yesterday the Algo gained more then 4%. Today and tomorrow I will not be running the algo.
  2. I have taken a lot of long positions yesterday when the markets fell. Seeing SGX it looks like I will be in decent profit for today.
  3. I sold 2250 pe in Adani ent. Yesterday itself I was sitting with a profit of more than 8000 per lot.
  4. I have sold huge PE in monthly series as well. I will be converting that to strangle to day
  1. US closed in the red. Wil FED change the game for the US markets.
  2. Europe also closed in the red
  3. Today the Asian markets are in the  green. SGX is up by 90 points.
  1. FII sold for 6600+cr and DII bought 5500+cr. For the month they have sold for 36kcr