Experience the Power of Advanced Algorithms with Our Intraday Trading System

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Our algo is an intraday trend-following algo that trades only in banknifty. It trades on all days. We will not run the algo if there is any event due to the volatility. We have conducted a deep analysis of the data and the details of the algo is as follows

ROI per month on average: 3-5%

Max loss that happened in a month: 20%

Max profit that happened in a month: 28%

Drawdown: 20%

We have documented all the pnl info from our live trades in the excel below. You can see the returns which the algo has made. We are posting this pnl every day in our social media channels. 


Do you run this algo on any other stock/index other than banknifty?

        No. This algo is thoroughly backtested on banknifty only. Currently, we are running this only on            banknifty only. In the future, after right testing, we may include other indexes as well.

What is the minimum capital needed to execute this algo?

        The algo requires almost 2-2.5lak for execution. We will run the algo in accounts where there is a         minimum capital of 3lak. The reason is if we start with accounts whose initial capital is 2.5lak and         if there is a loss on day1 then the algo will not run for the next day. To have some cushion if there         is a loss intitally, we suggest the capital to be 3lak

Is there is a maximum profit or a stop loss that the system keeps?

        Yes. On a day, there is SL of 15000 which the system keeps. Sometimes, due to slippage, the loss           can be slightly more. There is no profit target for the system. We allow the profits to run. All the            trades will be closed by 3:30 PM.

The SL is calculated as 5% of the capital deployed. The capital here is assumed as 3lak. 

What is the fee for executing this algo in our account?

        We charge a nominal fee of Rs 10000 per annum. There is no profit/loss sharing.

Can we trade with any broker?

        No. The algo is designed for kotak securities as the intraday brokerage there is 0. So you need to             open an account in kotak. If you don't have kotak account then you can open using the below link

What is the expected return from this algo?

        One can expect 30-50% returns from the algo. Again, there is no guarantee that the algo will give             profits for sure. Trading involves risk. So make sure you are aware of the risks.

Will NiftyNayak.com take up any loss if occurred?

        The answer is a clear NO. We are not responsible for the profits or losses that occur in your                     account. We don't share any profits or losses with the client. We are fully transparent in showing             you the operation of the algo in the past and in the present. But, trading involves risk. So make             sure you are aware of them before proceeding.

What are the conditions or the steps one should do on daily basis?

        The clients are not required to do anything. Initially we will be setting up the algo and you can                 login and see the trades which happen in your account. You are strictly not supposed to place any         trade in this account. In case, if you are involved in trading or altering the trades, then that will be         the violation of our policy and the algo will be suspended from your account.

Is there a refund policy?

        The client has to run the algo for 6 months. In case there is a loss at the end of 6 months and if the         client decides to withdraw from the algo then the subscription fee of Rs10000 will be refunded.            However, the loss incurred will not be refunded.

Feel free to reach us at +91 9686572262 if you have any queries. Drop us a whatsapp message and we will get back to you.