Trade setup for 27th Feb

 Sorry for not writing blog for some time. I was lazy.

Coming to the markets, its showing weakness day by day. Not just in India but also globally. The recession and inflation fears in the US are resurfacing again after the FED people say that the inflation is still critically high.

Nifty is set to close in the red for the 3rd consecutive month. Historically, it has not closed in the red for the 4 consecutive months. Will this be the new record?? This is one of the reasons why I am slightly bullish as well.

If you see, nifty has still not broken the budget day range. So I am still confident that the bounce will come as long as this range is protected.  This range and 200DMA will be the key levels to watch out for. Till then I will be going long in every fall. The budget day range is low and 200 DMA will be SL and change the bullish trades to short trades.

This month we have the FED policy. We need to see if that will be the trigger for the markets to go higher. So people who were eager to buy at 18500, now you have a discount of 1000 points. So go and buy into the market in phases. This is a good time to start in phases. I am keeping an eye on USDINR. I am planning to begin investing when the $ is 83. 

In the US , the markets closed in the red for the 4 consecutive weeks. Nasdaq is cracking lower.

Paytm is in focus as Sunil bharti mittal is planning to raise stake in the company.


  1. I had a human error trade on Fiday which costed me more than 1.5lak in 5 min. Instead of selling a CE, I sold PE's and had to pay a heavy price.
  2. The algo trade was flat on Friday. For the month, it is in green. Lets see if I an close the month in green.  We have 2 trading days for this month. We are now running the algo is 32 accounts.
  3. I have taken monthly trades in April as I am not comfortable with the lower vix premium in the march 
  4. I am not expecting the 200dma to be broken easily. So for this week, I will be selling 17200,100,17k pe 
  1. The entire world markets are in the red. 
  2. Today the Asian markets are flat. SGX is also flat.
  1. Again FII have started selling. On Friday, 1400 cr was sold by them. But for this month their selling has reduces. It has come down to 4k. Hope they start buying from march.
  2. DII bought for 1400cr
  1. Crude s at $83
  2. $ is at Rs 82.8