Trade setup for 9th Feb

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Powell says that there will be future rate hike. This caused selling in the US market. 

We had a RBI policy yesterday where the RBI hiked rate by 25bps. The RBI was not hawkish nor dovish. So its clear that they will also hike rates if things don't come under control.  

The man of the match was Adani group stocks. They are coming back as strongly as they fell in the last week. Adanient closed above 2000 and it made a 20% upper freeze. Today night MSCI will review Adani group stocks and will give a report today. So that is something to keep an eye on. If that is good, which is what I am expecting then this expiry, it may goto 3k+(adanient)

FII are selling. But this selling is to support their home economy. They are not shorting in the Indian market. When the western economy improves, these guys will again come back to India.

Today is expiry and the vix is low. So I am not expecting a huge movement intraday. So one can sell some deep OTM and pocket the small premium.

A lot of companies have told that they will be cutting jobs. So hopefully, the inflation may come under control in this quarter.

Yesterday, alphabet fell 8% as the chatbot called bard which they built as a reply to chatgpt gave wrong information.


  1. There was no algo trade as there was RBI policy. I took some positional trade where I sold some deep OTM options to pocket the premium. So there will not be intraday trade today as well. 
  2. For today's expiry, I will sell some banknifty options whose premium is 30-40 on both sides.
  3. For next week, I am slightly buliish. So I will take the below trade 
      1. +1 X 17500pe
      2. -5 X 17400pe
      3. -5 X 17300pe
  4. My entire Adani trade which I took is now is profit. I had sold huge quantities of 800pe for more than 100rs in many accounts. It looks like they will be giving a wonderful profit and ROI.


  1. US markets closed lower. Today the futures are in the mild green. Nasdaq has again started to fall. I think this is a mild pull back as IT looks stronger both in India and the US.
  2. Europe closed in the mild red. 
  3. Today the Asian markets are in the red. SGX is flat.
  1. Crude close to $85
  2. $ close to Rs 83. 
  1. FII sold for 700cr and DII bought for 900cr