Trade setup for 20th March

 There has been some major developments over the weekend. There were some offers which was given to buy credit suisse. Blackrock, UBS were some of the contenders who made the offer. 

UBS made an offer of $1billion which was not accepted by the CS board and finally UBS bought it for $3.3 billion + with the condition that the Swiss national bank would give a loan. So it was more like a bail out from the Swiss govt. 

The FED has told that it will provide some liquidity boost. They have joined hands with other central bankers as well to provide currency swaps. 

Japan will be using $15 billion this year to curtail inflation. 

Now all eyes are on FED monetary policy which will begin tomorrow. All are expecting a rate hike of 25bps. It all depends on how the commentary of the Powell will be taken.

Markets have been falling for all these days and we are going with a negative expectation for the FED event. Any small good news by the FED can trigger a short covering rally. But don't anticipate. Make sure you are covered for anything than happens.

The US markets fell on Friday after there was uncertainty in the banking sector. Today the US futures are higher at the moment. 

The cryptos are rallying. It has shot up more than 20% in 1 month.

Gold is surging as money is moving these safe havens as markets are getting volatile day by day.

We closed in the green on Friday. There was a good rally that we got in the last hour and now we are above 17k. Will this trend continue? 

For now, the recent low will be the support. If that is protected then we can expect markets to go higher. 


  1. Algo was flat on Friday
  2. TCS CEO left and there was not a major fall that happened in that. I sold 3100 PE and will take delivery if it goes lower.
  3. I am bullish and in the weekly expiry  have sold 16800pe aggressively. 
  4. For the monthly trades which I have taken, most of them are bullish. I was sitting in a loss all these days. Now the loses have reduced. Lets see if I goto +ve territory in coming days.
  5. I have sold OTM Pe n some of the stocks which are also in profit. I have sold them wth the intention of taking delivery if it falls further.
  1. FII sold for 1800cr and DII bought for 1800 cr
  1. Crude is falling and is now at $73
  2. USDINR is close to 82.5