Trade setup for 24th April

 Today you will have RIL and ICICI bank results impact on the stock price. RIL GDR did not make much notice. It was just up by 0.7%. Lets see if ICICI can make a huge move and impace banknifty and nifty or not. I am not good at decoding earning numbers and deciding the move after the results. I have stopped deciding these long time back. 

Analysts are telling that the ICICI bank numbers have beaten the street estimates and RIL has just managed to meet expectations. Lets see if they can take the indexes higher.

For now it looks like 18000 may not be taken out this expiry. So we may have to wait for another expiry to see it move above 18k.

The difference between nifty spot and 20dma is almost 3%. I was waiting for it to goto 5% because that it s the right time to short the market. These are some of the strategies which have a high rate of probability. But these don't happen everyday. You don't miss them when it happens. Like this, I have around 10-15 strategies which I implement once in a year, where the probability of making profits are very very high. With each of these strategies the ROI itself gives me more than 20% of my capital.

Wipro is planning for  a buyback. 

Amritpal singh has been caught and sent to assam jail.


  1. One can safely sell 17850 ce and above for this expiry. I will be doing this with the remaining margin which I have. 
  2. India vix is below 12. So inititting neutral strategies is risky. I am not taking any fresh trade fo the coming month. I will initiate some directional trades for the next expiry.
  3. For this expiry nifty may range from 17850-17500. So I will sell some PE which are below 17500

  1.  Today the Asian markets are mixed. Japan is up but korea and HongKong markets are in the red.
  2. SGX is up by 40 points.
  3. US futures are in the red.
  1. Now FII have started selling. On Friday they sold for 2000+cr and DII bought for only 1600+cr
  1. Crude at $81
  2. $ ar Rs 82