Trade setup for 3rd April

 Finally, my bullish views started paying off. I was using every dip which happened last month as opportunity to go long and now it has started paying. I wont be surprised if we cross 18k this month. 

It looks like the inflation fears, banking crisis is over and there is no major reason for the markets to fall. Let's not be overconfident. 

When there was banking crisis and when the banks were falling, I did tell that this is an opportunity as the entire sector was falling. Remember, when the entire sector falls then its a good opportunity to enter, because when the recovery comes, it comes for the entire sector. You just have to buy the leaders of that sector. 

The same thing was happening with IT as well. Now you can see that even IT is recovering and rallying.

Reliance took support at 2200 and has bounced back. I had told before that 2200 is a lucrative rate for RIL. Who can stop the markets when RIL, IT and banks rally?

I have sold huge amounts of PE in TCS, infy, hcltech, RIL, hdfcbank, icici bank. 

Now there is some pressure on the oil as OPEC has decided to cut production. This will have impact on OMC, autos and paint stocks.

Today we have the auto sales data of last month. Since it was year ending, the numbers may not give accurate picture of the demand. This month data will give an idea about the demand.

It looks like, this year FII have decided to enter the Indian markets. In the last 2 days they have been buyers. Now that the American markets are out of ICU, and there is no reason for FII to exit emerging markets and go back. So you can expect strong FII buying in Indian markets. So people who are planning to short the markets, think twice. 


  1. I had taken bullish trades for April expiry at the beginning of the march expiry. Markets fell in march and are now recovering. I got a wonderful theta decay and will be making profit if markets continue to go higher. There were many reasons why I took trades for April and luck favoverd me in that decision.
  2. For this week, markets may not go beyond 17500. So, I will be selling 17550, 600,650ce for this week in small volumes as my margins are all blocked.
  3. I will be selling 39000pe in banknifty for april series.
  1. The US markets closed in the green. 
  2. Europe closed in the green
  3. Today the Asian markets are flat. SGX is up by 30 points.
  1. FII bought for 350cr and DII bought for 2500cr
  1. Crude shot up 5% as opec decided to cut production. Now it is at $84
  2. $ is at Rs82.15