Trade setup for 6th march 2020

Today it is going to be only YES BANK, YES BANK and YES BANK. The other focus will also be on SBI. Yesterday RBI took over yes bank and has curbed withdrawal more than Rs50,000.
I have always warned people to stay away from these kinds of stocks. Yes, the returns are great but if caught in the wrong direction then the drawdown will be very painful as well. Is it a good time to enter Yes bank? Don't even think of it.
Not just our issue. The global markets are in deep red. The Brazilian index fell more than 5%. The Russian index fell more than 1.5%. European markets are down. The wall street was down. Today morning Asia is down. You never know where this will stop.

For today we have many issues
Carona + YES bank + SBI + Global markets fall
So expect a deep red day today.


  1. Yesterday, I was only on expiry trades. So did not do many positional trades
  2. My Reddy lab and TCS futures are in good profit. Today I will close them if I am still in profit. I am afraid that it may go in a loss as there might be a gap down. Let's see.
  3. I am happy that this did not happen yesterday. If that was the case then I would be in deep trouble. 
  4. My portfolio is in deep red. But my hedge trades are in green. 
  5. I had scaled up my hedge trades and overall I am in green in my portfolio. I had kept 11000 as a base. If this is broken comfortably, which will happen today then there might be more fall. So I will close some of my portfolios in loss and keep the cash ready for the next entry.
  1. Nasdaq fell 300+ points. Dow fell close to 1000 points.
  2. With this rate, the Dow might disappear in 26 days :)
  3. European markets also fell close to 2%.
  4. Today Asian markets are sharply down. SGX suggests that we may have a big gap.
  1. FII sold 2476cr and DII bought 2510cr.
  2. This is the tough period for us and huge volumes of FII are normal.
  1. $ is 73.35. I think that it will shoot to 74+. It was expected that in these kinds of situations $ and gold are likely to rise. Gold is shining more day by day.
  2. Crude is now $49.7. This is the only good news for us. But the bad news is so bad that these small good news is not making any sense as of now. 
  3. OPEC is discussing to cut productions.