Trade setup for 5th jan

 US markets opened with a gap down on the 1st day of the year. There was election inconclusive result in Georgia. Trump blames the election commission has not conducted a fair election and there was an audiotape where he was threatening.  The Georgia senate will have an impact on the economic policies, stimulus, infra spending for Joe Biden. This uncertainty caused US markets to fall. Obviously, when the US markets fall, other global cues follow.

Coming to our markets, yesterday it was a swinging day. Markets opened with a gap, then it went to red. Then there was buying as usual in the second half and the markets closed at the day's high. Looks like that the things have not changed in the new year. 

Bitcoin has closed slightly lower amid the US election uncertainty and crude.

Now the earning season will begin and this will be a reality check for the rally we had. Let's see if the results will boost the rally or play as a spoilsport. 

Britain is going for the second round of lockdown. 


  1. I have executed the below trade in TCS for the earning 
    1. 3060ce X 2
    2. 3000ce X -1
    3. 3200ce X -2
  2. I have executed a butterfly for this week. 
  3. I have executed the spread for the January month
    1. buy 14600ce
    2. sell 14400ce 
  1. US lost more than a percent due to Georgia runoff, lockdown fears. Today the US futures is flat. Dow fell 700 points and then recovered almost 300 points.
  2. European markets, however, closed in the green.
  3. Today the Asian markets are in red due to the global cues.
  1. FII as usual bought for 1800cr and DII sold for 715cr
  2. Now it will be interesting if the Georgia will trigger the bears to take over.
  1. Crude fell as inventories started piling up as demand has reduced. Crude is at $50.69
  2. $ is at 73