Trade setup for 24th August

The bull rally continues. But it was not a steady run yesterday. Nifty and banknifty gapped up. Then it fell and went to red. Again in the second half, there was a uprally and markets closed in the green.

Govt has come out with a monetization pipeline where there will be monetising 6lk cr.

Maruti has been fined 200cr by CCI for meddling with the competition among dealers. Maruti has challenged the decision at the courts. Today that might be pressure, so keep an eye on that.

The parliament is introducing crpto bill. We need to wait and see how India will take advantage of the cryptos.

Sidarth lal is reappointed as Eicher motor CEO.

The midcaps and the small caps are not at all performing. It's only the large caps. Usually, the FII buy in these big stocks and they rally. But now you see that the FII are selling but the large caps are rallying. So who is investing in these stocks? retailers??

Now the IPO are opening in discounts. Novoco, cartrade tec have opened in the red. So from now, no more IPO for me.

Zomato fell 8% as the anchor lock in ended yesterday. 


  1. I tried doing some intraday trades and lost 1.2lk. I will be doing intraday today as well. If things are not working then I may not do intraday anymore.
  2. In my Zerodha account, I did sell 1600ce. It looks like it's safe for the moment.
  3. I had to to do adjustment to my adani ent trade as there was some bad news and it fell.

  1. The US markets are also rallying. The Nasdaq made another record close. 
  2. European markets also closed in the green.
  3. Today morning the Asian markets are in the green.SGX is suggesting another 100 point gap.

  1. FII has again sold but the DII has bought in the cash market. But net institutional was a buy.
  1. Crude jumped 6%. Now it is at $69