New India, totally MODIfied. NAMO:2.0

Narendra Modi won a thumping majority in 2019 Lok Sabha elections. This has given more strength and power to the re-incarnated Vivekanand to take India to greater heights. There are a lot of challenges and undone tasks in front of Modi. Some of the challenges are discussed before.

Removing article 370 and 35a will be the most important challenge in front of Modi and helping a lot of Kashmiri Pandits to return to their home. PDP and NC are the major local parties of J&K and both are not in favour of removing the special status for the state. They keep threatening that the valley will burn if article 370 and 35a is revoked. So we need to wait and watch as to how Narendra Modi will get this done in his second term. But this is very much needed for the overall development of the state and the country. J&K is such a beautiful place. The tourism industry is badly affected due to terrorism in the state. If article 370 and 35a is removed then major companies, people from other states will invest and thereby give a boost to the tourism industry. Not just tourism, many other industries will also flourish in the state.

The next big challenge in front of Modi is to implement the uniform civil code. This means that all Indians will have a uniform, single civil law. There won't be any concession in law based on religion, caste, creed etc. Currently, Muslim men can have many wives and the law allows them and they can divorce a wife over an SMS. These things should not be promoted and a single law for all should be implemented. Leaders like Owaisi would object for the implementation of the uniform civil code as they usually win by polarising the votes. Their main vote bank is the Muslim community. Since AIMIM has only a few seats, Owaisi should not be a problem for the implementation of this. We need to wait and watch how Modi delivers this.

Construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. This has been a major issue for BJP. They promised that they would construct the temple of Lord Ram in his birthplace. The cases are still going on in the supreme court. This will be a massive achievement of Modi if he can deliver it. Modi has proved that he would not play appeasement politics. The minority appeasement way of the previous government didn't work and Modi should lay the foundation for the construction of the temple in the disputed site.

Reservation based on the caste system in India is one of the worst reservation systems in the world. Discrimination based on the caste was very much present when India got independence. Reservation based on caste was introduced in the constitution so that the people of the lower caste joined the mainstream. Ambedkar also mentioned that this should be for a limited time. As time went, political parties used it as a vote bank and till today no government had the guts to modify this as they were scared that they would lose the election if they tried playing with the reservation. This is also the case with the BJP. But, last time BJP introduced 10% reservation for economically backward people. This was a much-appreciated step. The major challenge now would be to reduce the percentage of caste-based reservation. The major hindrance would be from various political parties like BSP, SP, Congress. Since BJP has a majority and most of its NDA alliance are fine with the reduction of caste-based reservation, it should be a doable task for MODI.