Daily trade setup for 3rd june

My trades

  1. International markets are weakly placed. Time for some call spreads. Gradually we should also follow the world.
  2. Yes bank has again become weak. So I closed my cash position which I had. Did not make much profit in that trade. Closed almost at a breakeven point.  Will buy if it comes below 135. Still carrying the hedged positions which are in profit. Will also close that in this week. 
  3. It seems like 12000 is resistance for the short term. Let's see if the RBI policy gives a breakout.
International market
  1. US markets fell -1.5% on Friday as trade wars between the US and China escalate.
  2. Europe also fell around -1%.
  3. Today morning Asia is also in the negative territory. But, SGX indicates that we may open in green.
  4. Now the US has started trade wars with Mexico and India.
Crude and $
  1. The only good thing about crude is that it is falling and that is very good for India.
  2. OMC will perform well if this continues.
  3. $ is now at 69.67. The rupee is getting strong. 
FII and DII data
  1. On Friday FII bought for 676cr and DII bought for 394cr
  2. Both FII and DII are buying. But not in huge quantity.
  3. I will take more positions if 12,000 is crossed.
  1. Markets were volatile on Friday as the announcement of finance minister happened.
  2. India GDP growth at 5 year low. Even that added to the volatility.
  3. In the 2nd half, there was some mild recovery. So let's see if that continues.