Trade setup for 1st july

  1. This weekend was a good one. Spent some quality time with people who were enthusiastic in options trading.
  2. Taught a good group of people about options trading. Also learnt some critical lessons which had gone out of my mind.
  3. Coming to markets, Government looking for options to divest 100% in AirIndia.
  4. I have bought some shares of jet airways. Let's see if this lottery ticket gets me a jackpot.
  5. Trump had a meeting with North Korea's president. So it looks like things between NK and USA will not be escalated.
  6. China and US start trade talks and it went as expected. 
  7. Now all eyes on the budget.
  8. The auto sales number for the month is down.
  1. I have a lot of underlying stocks in the cash market. Executed covered call for them which I do every month.
  2. No other major position is taken as I want to wait for the budget outcome. If anything is done on capital gain tax then markets will collapse. If any relief is given in corporate tax then nifty will break out.
  1. US markets closed in the green on Friday.
  2. The European markets closed in green and gained almost 1% on Friday.
  3. Today morning, the Asian markets are in green. SGX suggests that we might open in the green of 18 points.
  1. Crude has again started to rise as OPEC decided to cut supplies.
  2. Crude is now trading at $ 66.15 per barrel.
  3. Dollar is now at 69.01. 
FII and DII data
  1. Fii have sold for 514cr and DII have bought for 182 cr
The overall sentiment in the market is positive. But there might be some negatives in short term. Reliance should recover for the markets to break above 12 k