Trade setup for 20th June

  1. Yesterday, the entire world was in green. Nifty rises by 100 points and fell by 50 points and finally closed in flat.
  2. Banknifty rose by 300 points. Fell by 200 points and finally closed in the flat territory.
  3. Even after all these, VIX is still below 15. This surprised me.
  4. Today is weekly expiry for nifty and banknifty options.
  5. Met dept days that the monsoon is as expected and rains may happen as expected in July and August. 
My Trades
  1. Made good profit in intraday trading. Had sold nifty and banknifty futures (around 30 lots each) in the morning when markets were high. The fall gave me super profits. 
  2. Closed my entire yes bank trade in loss. There is no point in fighting with the market. Now I feel that I should have done this long back. That is ok. Sometimes you take the beating and you move on. Now, yes bank will start moving upside as I closed all my positions. That is how the market plays.
  3. Added some positions for today's weekly expiry.
International market
  1. The US fed reserve holds the rates. It says it may reduce rates in the future.
  2. The Nasdaq and Dow closed in green.
  3. Europe ended in the red.
  4. Today Asia is again in the green. SGX is also up by 40 points. Not sure if this will be carried or will it play like yesterday.
Crude and $
  1. The crude oil is slowly inching higher.
  2. $ is now at 69.68
  3. Nothing major event as of now which will make us keep an eye on these two.
FII and DII data
  1. Yesterday both FII and DII sold around 100 cr
  2. Even with so much volatility, nothing much has happened in the cash market.