Trade setup for the expiry day

  1. India is now out of the cricket world cup. It was a pathetic play by the top batsmen. But respect jadeja for the fight he gave back.
  2. Yesterday was again another volatile session. In the morning, nifty and banknifty were in the green. This gave a signal that we may not have much downfall. But later, the market gave all gains closed in the red.
  3. Nifty lost 57 points and banknifty lost 47 at the end of the day.
  4. The aviation sector is again falling. Yesterday interglobe fell 10%.
  5. The bajaj finance is again close to the day before yesterday low. Yesterday it fell close to 5%.
  6. For today expiry, nifty may not fall below 11500 and banknifty may not fall 30300
  7. 11500 is the 100DMA
  1. Not much was done yesterday. I have executed butterfly strategies in nifty and banknifty for today's expiry.
  2. Today is expiry day and I will be doing expiry trade.
  1. Yesterday the US markets closed in green. Nasdaq gained 0.75% and dow gained 0.3%
  2. Europe, however, closed in the mild red.
  3. Today morning, Asia is in green. Hangsang has gained 1.2%
  4. SGX is up by 48 points. Looks like we will also open in the green.
CRUDE and $
  1. $ now closed at 68.56
  2. Crude is now at $67.08

  1. Again FII have sold 600 cr and DII have bought for 667cr
  2. FII selling in cash market is a really big concern. This is the 7th day they are selling.