Trade setup for the day

The markets cooled off a bit after 2 days of a massive rally. Yesterday markets were not volatile. This sideways may continue for some more time as markets will consolidate after such a huge run.
The SIAM president has told that reduction in corporate tax will not boost auto sales.
Now the sentiment is bullish. Now all are expecting 13k by December. Just a few days back all were expecting 9k. So, don't go by analysts. The trend is definitely a friend but you never know when your friend changes his trend.


  1. Markets may be in a consolidation phase for some time as it has been shot up.
  2. I have executed some straddle at 11600
  3. Will go for 12k straddle for next month if the market movement continues.
  4. Will execute some butterfly today for tomorrow expiry.
  1. Yesterday the US markets ended lower due to impeachment inquiry on trump.
  2. European markets also closed lower.
  3. Today morning, the asian markets have opened in the red. Hang sang is down by 1%
  4. SGX suggests that we may open flat.
FII and DII data
  1. After 1 day of massive buying, FII have again started to sell. 
  2. Yesterday they sold for 828cr and DII bought for 472cr.
  3. FII are acting like drunken monkey these days. 1 day they buy then they sell the next day. We need clarity on theit activity.
  1. Crude is at 62.54
  2. $ is again above 71.