Trade setup for the day

Last week a good week. We were able to gain around 300 points in nifty. Now everything seems to be good and not much-known volatility. If this continues then we can make an all-time high in this series. Yes bank seems to be on a roll. Now many investors are looking to get into this bank. Narendra modi has signed some important deals in Bangkok. Indian markets is the most preferred market in the emerging markets now. The dream of 5 trillion dollars will definitely need quick steps like these. Tata motors came with its numbers of monthly sales and the numbers are not good. Chandrashekeran has shown confidence in the company. 

  1. I am planning to do some high-risk trades with small capital. I am expecting a return of 20-30% per month. I wouldn't suggest new retailers to follow that as these are high-risk trade. 
  2. I am doing it as paper trade and will do it for at least 2 months before deploying real money. 
  3. On Friday, I did this paper trade and there was a MTM loss of  9000. Let's see what will happen today for those.
  1. The US wants a trade deal with China. They are also relaxing the norms with EU to put pressure on China. On Friday, the US markets closed in green and NASDAQ gained more than a per cent.
  2. European markets also closed in the green. The main indices gained more than 0.5%
  3. Today morning the Asian markets are flat. The SGX suggests that we may open flat.
  1. On Friday, FII have bought for 533 cr and DII have sold for 136 cr.
  2. Now FII are slowly showing confidence in India. Let's hope they do not change their stance now and take a U turn.
  1. Crude is now at 61.36
  2. $ is at 70.81