Trade setup for November monthly expiry

Today is finally the expiry of one of the most volatile month. At the starting of the month, I saw an article that November is the down month based on the stats of 25 years. There were only a few Novembers which ended in the green. But this November is truly an exception. We broke a major resistance of 12000 and we made all-time high as well. Now the move might continue as the US and China are ready to talks. Today is monthly expiry and it might not be very volatile because of physical settlement. But, it is better not to take things for granted.


  1. This November was a good week except for the last week where I had to book some loses. But overall it was a pretty good month.  
  2. I have closed most of my November positions and now have positions in December. 
  3. Yesterday I executed some butterfly in November series
    1. Nifty 12100ce x 1
    2. Nifty 12150ce x -5
    3. Nifty 12200ce x 4
    4. Nifty 12100pe x 1
    5. Nifty 12050pe x -5
    6. Nifty 12000pe x 4
  4. Now I am bullish in the view for December. There might be some minor correction but as long as 12000 is held we are good.
  1. Trump has signed the bill which supports HKG protesters. There might be some retaliation from China.
  2. Yesterday the US markets closed in green. Nasdaq gained around 0.6% and DJI gained around 0.35%
  3. European markets also closed in the flat territory.
  4. Today morning the Asian markets are flat. SGX suggests that we may open in a flat zone.
  1. Crude is now trading at 63.90 
  2. $ is at 71.35
  1. 1 day FII buy for 4000cr and and the next day they buy for 42cr. 
  2. Yesterday DII bought for 440cr.
  3. Good thing is both of them are buyers at the end of the day.
  1. Nifty has a highest OI at 12100ce which is ATM and 12000pe has the highest OI.
  2. Banknifty has a highest OI at 32000ce and 31500pe.
  3. Nifty max pain is at 12050 and max pain of banknifty is at 31700.
  4. Today nifty may range from 12050 to 12150
  5. Banknifty may range from 32k to 31500