Trade setup for the day

  1. Yesterday was a good expiry day. I was able to make 70+ thousand profit. I did not deploy entire money and did not play aggressively as well as the markets were stable. There were no huge spikes that came. So, for people who started their journey into trading, I would suggest you to forget that there was a day yesterday because usually nifty and banknifty do not behave that way.
  2. IRCTC is one of the shares which one should have in their portfolio. I am repenting for not having that. I hope it falls below 1000 so that I can enter. But that might not happen. I don't have the conviction to enter now. The IPO price was around 300 and in less than 6-8 months it has become 5 times. I have missed the bus.
  3. Yesterday yesbank was up by 5%. I suggest people not to get carried away by this. We need some more fundamental confirmation. These spikes are usually traps for retail investors.
  4. The best part is yesterday the nifty did not break 12150 on the downside. As I had suggested yesterday that 12150 will act as strong support.
  5. Nifty closed at the highest point of the day and banknifty closed at the lowest point of the day. This is also a bit surprising.
  6. The Carona is not reducing. Now the death toll is around 1500. 


  1. Yesterday I was busy in expiry trades only. So did not concentrate on positional trades.
  2. Today I will short the market if it falls below 12150 (after 2pm).
  3. There can be a trade-in telco as they have some news associated with them.
  1. Yesterday the US market opened in red but closed in the flat zone.  Nasdaq closed by losing 0.14% and dow lost around 0.5%
  2. European markets also closed in the flat with an exception for the UK markets which lost around a per cent.
  3. Today morning the Asian markets are flat to positive.
  4. SGX suggests that we may open in flat to positive.
  1. Yesterday the FII bought for 1000 odd cr and DII sold for 960cr.
  2. This is good at the moment. Lets see if FII buying continues.
  1. Crude is at $56.26. Now Russia has agreed to cut production.
  2. $ is at 71.27