Trade setup for 30th march

  1. Last week there was a hope that the bottom might have formed, but again now things are getting worse. 
  2. Nifty has been hovering around 7500 to 8500. If 7500 is broken then there might be more fall. 
  3. This market is now totally depending on how Carona is being tackled. So there is no point in finding the bottom. 
  4. Here is the checklist to start entering in phases. You can enter now with 25% of your capital.

You can enter the next 25% when

  1. vix is below 40
  2. nifty closes above 9000
  3. nifty of the current month will be at a premium.
  4. Make sure you enter into fundamentally good stock.
  5. FII buying in some good volumes
So till then do not make any guess. There is a high chance that your guess may be wrong and it can pinch you.

  1. Now Corona is sweeping the US, Italy, Spain etc. The global cases are now more than 7lakh. The 2 trillion relief euphoria may not last long if the number of cases does not reduce. 
  2. We have successfully completed 1 week of lockdown. The number of cases has now crossed 1000. We need to be more careful and safe for the next few weeks. So, don't even think of going out and be socially responsible. I personally went out only 2 times last week. Once to bring groceries and again to bring my mother's medicine. We need to have patience and this too shall pass.

  1. Crude is falling again and the world market has now entered to a recession. 
  2. Today the Asian markets are in red. Nikkei has lost around 4%. SGX suggests that we may break 8500 again today.
  3. Abbot has come out with a way to detect Corona in 5 min. So that can be the stock of the day.
  4. Finally, FII seems to have started shopping. They bought for 350cr and DII 1700cr. Lets see how lon will the shopping continue. This number is very small for the amount they have sold. So don't get trapped by seeing buy numbers.
  5. Crude is again below $27
  6. $ is trading at Rs 74.89.