Trade setup for 29th April

  1. Today morning, I was seeing my portfolio which I had built in the last 2 months after multiple averages.Was happy about my performance. Not many mutual funds would have given such return for years. Anyway, this return was not precedented. The huge returns are from reddy labs and Reliance. 
  2. When Reliance was at 1000, there was a news that Ambanis are buying shares from open market for 9000cr. This was the only indicator which I used for buying Reliance.
  3. Coming to the market, we are going higher and higher day by day. Yesterday was another good day for the markets. 
  4. We closed in positive and now the financials are returning to the system. There is a rumour that NBFC will give some stimulus. So NBFC rallied led by bajaj finance. 
  5. Reliance doesn't seem to stop. Tomorrow we have the earning.
  6. The world is looking for the US fed policy. 
  7. Oil is recovering. So this shows that the consumption is slightly improving. 
  8. The Corona cases are at 30000 in India. We will be officially ending the lockdown in 3days. Let's see if there will be extension or not.


  1. My ratio spread in bajaj finance is in deep green. 
  2. I had sold Reliance day before yesterday. It was down in the morning yesterday and I closed the positions and was lucky as it moved up in the 2nd half.
  3. The call spread in Reliance is also in the green.
  4. Will not be doing major trade for tomorrow expiry as we have many companies like Reliance coming out with earning. Volatility might be there.
  1. The US closed in negative after 4 days of rally. All eyes on FED
  2. Europe was in green.
  3. Today Japan is having a holiday. Asia is in positive and SGX is showing a positive opening.
  1. Crude is gaining now. It is now at $22
  2. $ is still at 76+
  1. FII sold just 122cr and DII bought for 389cr