Trade setup for 7th april

  1. The worldwide corona count is close to 13lak and in India, it has crossed 4.5k. Overall in the world, there has been a slight slowdown in the new cases that are found.
  2. UK prime minister Boris johnson admitted to hospital yesterday as he was a COVID positive.
  3. Samsung came out with its first-quarter numbers and has beaten the estimates. 
  4. Trump is considering a second round of direct payment to Americans.
  5. Indian ADR have rallied yesterday. ICICI up 11%. HDFC up 8%. Tata motors up 11%
  6. Japan to declare COVID emergency and Japan government has given a stimulus of $1 trillion.
  7. Airbnb has raised $1 billion from private equity.
  8. There is a lot of rumour that the phizer, meark and bayer are advancing towards a medicine for Covid
  1. I exited my banknifty futures at just the wrong time. I had bought them on Thursday and closed them in a loss of around 70 thousand on Friday. Today banknifty may rally close to 1500 points. I would be in wonderful profit if I had carried that. Since it was a long weekend, I decided to close that in a loss.
  2. Let's see if I can do some trade today. 
  3. I will be buying banknifty at the opening if the gap up is less than 800 points. Let's see how it goes. Will use martingale strategy to cover my previous loss.
  4. The VIX is coming down and I believe that this is the time to finest more. I have already invested close to 35% of what I have intended to invest. Will be investing more in this week.
  1. The US markets rally as the spread of Covid slows in major areas like US and Italy.
  2. The dow is 20% up from the recent lows and 20% low from the all time high. Is this the bull market or a bear market??
  3. The Japan markets are rallying due to the stimulus program.
  4. The Asian markets are also in the green 
  5. SGX suggest a gap up of 150 points. Since we were in a holiday yesterday and considering that we may open 300 points higher
  1. FII has again sold on Friday for close to 1960cr and DII have bought only for 226cr.
  2. Today will be a crucial day. Let's see if FII end up buying. 
  1. Crude is again above $33 and $ is around Rs 75
  2. Trump has threatened to impose tariffs if crude is at this rate.