Options Trading Workshop


Date: 26th November 2022
27th November 2022

Timing: 9AM to 7PM

Fee: Rs 15,000 only

Location: Mumbai
Venue: Aureole hotel, 

Payment method: Google pay or paytm to +91 9986708492

Workshop content:
Advantages of trading in options
Strategies -> 5 major strategies with in-depth coverage
  •      Which strategy should be implemented in the right market condition?
  •      How to do adjustments if the trade goes wrong.
Portfolio hedging strategies.
Margin management
Risk management
Some critical technical analysis for intraday trading and positional trading
Event-based trading 
  •      I will be disclosing a high-probability event-based strategy which I have been implementing for years 
Live trades will be discussed
Algo Trading
In this workshop, I will be discussing how you can get started with Algo trading using python
    How to get data feeds from brokers
    How to setup algo trading for Zerodha and IIFL
    I will be giving you 3 years of banknifty spot data for free so that you can use that for backtesting.
    We will not be designing strategies or doing backtesting. This is just a bonus module so that you get an idea of algo trading and you can get started on the right path.

This workshop will cover strategies that are of low risk and which are of high risk. You can decide not to trade on a particular strategy in case you are not comfortable and can select the right strategy based on your risk appetite.

Most of the strategies can be implemented by people who work as well. Since most of the strategies are positional trades, these can be implemented by people who work as well. There is no need for constant screen-watching. 

What is the capital needed for getting started?
People are expected to have a minimum capital of 3-4lak for getting started. More the better. 

What is the return that can be expected after the workshop?
Trading involves risk. People should be willing to accept that and if done responsibly, then one can generate around 3-4% of the capital consistently per month.

 This workshop is not for you in case you are looking for someone who will give you a magic wand that will double your money overnight.
This workshop is not for you if you are attracted by the MTM screenshots which were posted and dream that you can also have the same after the workshop.
This workshop is not for you if you are not passionate about stock markets and trading.
If you have already lost in the stock market and if you think you will be able to recover all losses after this workshop then pls pls stay away.

This workshop Is for you if you are aware of derivatives trading, especially options trading and want to gain expertise in this kind of trading.
This is for you if you aspire to be a full-time trader in the future.
This is for you if you planning to make a decent passive income from the stock market along with your current job/business. 
This is for you if you want to get an edge in trading and if you want to make a new beginning by trading options the right way 

1. I will help in opening an account under my franchise with better benefits like using collateral, better brokerage, algo support etc
2. A private WhatsApp group will be created where any of your queries will be answered. 
3. I do not provide recommendations as I am not a SEBI registered advisor. I do share my point of view on my Facebook, Twitter and Telegram channels. I also share my trades in these places. 
4. I take trades and will be sharing them in our telegram group by explaining the agenda behind that. I will be doing this every week.
1. This is not a basic course. I expect the participants to know the basics. 
2. One should know the basics of the stock market. This workshop is not for newbies.
3. One should know the basics of the derivative market like futures, options, open interest, volumes, etc
4.  One should know to read the charts and candles, the difference between futures and options, what is open interest, difference between OI and volumes. 

5. Experience of trading in Futures and options markets experience will be an added benefit but not mandatory.
6. One should have a capital of at least 3-4 lakh so that they can use the strategies learned to the fullest.
Please contact 9686572262 if you have any queries.
No recording will be provided. No refund. 
Send us a whatsapp after you do the payment. You will get the link one day before the workshop. I will send some basic material which you can go through before you attend the workshop. So register soon. 

Get a cashback of Rs 3000 for every referral. You can attend the workshop for free if 5+ referrals are made.


  1. Sessions are inHindi or english language

  2. Replies
    1. I dont provide calls. Whatsapp group will be created where you can discuss if you have any doubts and I wil share my trades in telegram and that group

  3. As per your profit making snapshot you send at whatsapp, it seems you are a billionaire. But I have not found your name in the Forbes list... Why...?

    1. Ask Forbes :)
      If you are thinking that Jeff Bejos(Amazon.com) is the richest as per forbes then you probably have not heard of Putin, King Salman of Saudi etc

  4. Pros:
    > Showed the M2M profit before starting session.
    > Honest trading experience was shared explaining the strategies
    > Hedging strategies explained as well for the above.
    > Patient enough to explain and clear any doubts
    > Can take up demat associated with his brokerage to get better benefits including leverage collateral, brokerage fee discount ..
    > Can expect clearing any doubts after Workshop as well.
    > Panned over 4 days and another day pending for intraday trading.

    > Dont expect recording



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