Trade setup for 22nd May

  1. Yesterday was a good expiry day. Was able to make around a lak profit. I would say it was a slightly difficult expiry as I had to do a lot of adjustments for some of my positions.
  2. Now JIO has become a gold mine. Everyone wants to invest in JIO platforms. Now KKR to invest in JIO platforms. This is the 5th investment in the month. So people who are selling the rights entitlement, think again and people not applying for rights also tink again.
  3. Today we have the RBI governor meet at 10am. Mostly a monetary policy announcement.
  4. So do not take any trade before the policy and do not stay without trading after the policy.
  5. The US senate is planning to ban companies which have foreign govt support. This is targetted for Chinese company which are in the US.
  6. Tesla is fully operational. Elon musk even threatened the govt to arrest him for opening the factories.
  7. China is not giving any GDP target for 2020 due to corona.
  1. I closed my bajaj finance trades in good profit. Both strategies have given profit. In one strategy around 10k and 35k in another strategy. 
  2. Today I will trade after the monetary policy.
  3. Yesterday I was busy in expiry trades so not much trades done for positional.
  1. The US markets are down. 
  2. European markets are also down.
  3. Today morning the Asia is down due to China not giving GDP target. SGX says that we may also open in red.
CRUDE and $
  1. $ is at Rs 75.60
  2. Crude is at $35.3
  1. Fii sold for 258cr and DII bought for 401.78. 
  2. This is a very small quantity of buying which FII has done after the mammoth selling which they did.