Trade setup for 15th June

  1. A good Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput has committed suicide yesterday. My deep condolences to his family. I seriously condemn such cowardly act. 
  2. On Friday, the markets were very very volatile. It's very rare that markets will be so volatile on a non-event day. Nifty opened with a 400+ points gap down and then recovered the entire 400+ points and also closed in the green. So it trapped both who were long and short. Technically we did bounce from the 20DMA on Friday. So that will act as strong support at least for short term. But ultimately we are just following Dow. So keep an eye on dow before you trade.
  3.  The virus blues are back again. The cases are increasing and there is a fear that there will be a second wave of of virus. 
  4. Today the partly paid RIL rights issue will start today. There is another big investor in the JIO platform. 
  5. The US futures are down and the bonds are up due to the virus fears. Gold is rising and crude is falling again. 
  6. Now the VIX is again back to 30+ and we can see these kinds of moves. 
  7. Now vodafone-Idea is in a FNO ban.
  8. The Chinese copper inventory is reducing which means that the consumption is continuing to increase.

  1. I got panicked on Friday and did some adjustment trades for my position on a gap down. Now, these trades are in loss. So now I should be doing counter trades for these trades if things reverse. 
  2.  I will gradually reduce the volumes as VIX may rise if virus fears are back.
  3. I will be doing the below strategy today in this week
    1. +1 x 10400ce
    2. +1 x 10450ce
    3. -1 x 10500ce
    4. -1 x 10550ce
    5. -2 x 10600ce
  1. On Friday, the US markets opened in green but closed slightly lower. Dow opened with 600 points gain but closed around 400+ points. Today futures show a fall of 300 points.
  2. European markets also closed in the slight negative. 
  3. Today morning the Asian markets are in red. SGX suggests that we will open with a 30 point downtick.
  1. Crude is at $37.83. It is fine as long as crude is above $37
  2. $ is at Rs 75.74
  3. Crude is falling in international market due to covid fears. 
  1. Now FII are selling what they had bought some time back 
  2. Yesterday they sold 1300+cr and DI have bought for 1900+cr
  3. Lets see how long will our DII will support