Trade setup for 15th July

  • Yesterday the markets fell close to 200 points. Banknifty fell close to 700 points. This was the worst day in a month. 
  • Today is a major day for the markets as 2 heavyweights RIL and Infy will be in news. Infy coming with its results and RIL AGM which will be a virtual event. RIL may hit all time high.
  • All are expecting a weak quarter for infy but they are expecting a positive comment. Yesterday I did an earning trade in Infy which I have posted in youtube and other social media's.
  • Yesterday the Dow jumped 500 points after modern announced that they have antibodies which can kill COVID. Yesterday was the most volatile session for the US market. Nasdaq was jumping +100 and -100 in minutes. 
  • The US-China is getting worst day by day. US has ended the special status for China.
  • As expected, the 200DMA reversal did work. 
  • Gold is surging as if there is no tomorrow.

  1. Yesterday I did a trade in Infosys as they have results today. You can see that here
  2. I have executed some strangles and butterflies for the weekly expiry.
  1. The dow jumped 500 points yesterday after Moderna news. Nasdaq jumped 100 points after playing like a monkey from jumping to positive and negative over the day.
  2. European markets were negative.
  3. Today morning the SGX started with a bang but it has cooled off now slightly. The same is the case with the Asian markets. Most of them are at day's low.
  • Yesterday both FII and DII sold. It was a no brainer that they have sold.
  • Fii sold for 1565.62 and DII sold for 649.7
  • Crude is trading at $43.15 
  • $ is at Rs 75.4