Trade setup for 24th July

  1. The US markets have finally started to fall. Yesterday there was a huge selling in the US markets, especially in the tech stocks. We ended at the high point of the day. 
  2. Again the man of the match was Reliance. Yesterday it has made another all-time high. I am waiting for the right opportune moment to short Reliance in futures. So the more it rises, the more I am happy.
  3. There is a minor tension between the US and China after Houston consulate was removed. China has told that there will be retaliations. 
  4. The US jobs data which came suggested that the unemployment rate has increased. 
  5. Today we have the 2 major companies coming up ITC and Asian paints and tomorrow we have ICICI bank. These may decide the further movement of the market. 
  6. The talk of the town in GOLD. Now it is 50000+ for 10 gms. Gold is shining more and more. 
  7. Usually when volatility or uncertainty reduces, the gold falls. But now, gold is not showing any signs of falling even when uncertainty is falling. Are we missing something or is there something which is in store for us which we retailers are unaware of??
  8. Do not short the markets now. Many feel that markets have rallied a little too much. It might be a trap.

  • I have executed the below trade in the December month
    • 10000pe X -3
    • 10500pe X -3
    • 11000pe X +2
  • I have executed the below strategy in Reliance 
    • 2060ce X -1
    • 2060pe X -1
    • 2160ce X 1
    • 1960pe X 1
    • 2220ce X -3
    • 1900pe X -3
  1. The US markets finally fell. So the world markets are following. Is this just a profit booking or has the trend changed? We need to wait and watch.
  2. Nasdaq fell 2.2% as most of the losers were tech. Dow lost almost 1.5%
  3. Europe was flat.
  4. The Asian market is in slightly red. SGX says that it will open in the red.
  1. FII have bought for 1730cr and DII have sold for 930cr.
  1. Crude is trading at $43
  2. $ is at 75


  1. In ur my trade, pls put the premium at which u bought or sold CE/PE, it will help better understand risk rewards


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