Trade setup for 15th September

  1. Yesterday we were a laggard. The world markets were not bad. 
  2. The markets opened with a nice gap but fell 200 points from days high. The main dragger was banknifty which is very weak. It has fallen 3000 from its September high. HDFC bank, ICICI banks are very weak. 
  3. Now nifty is at its 20 DMA. If any bounce comes, it should come now else we may go further down. 
  4. Yesterday the midcaps and small caps rallied and for the obvious reason which is sebi rule change for multicaps. 
  5. August CPI data came yesterday and it was 6.9%. It was good and is in expected lines. 
  6. China industrial output data came and it is also good. So the Asian markets have recovered. 
  7. Today the US futures were down. It later recovered. Hangseng is at its day's high.


  1. I had to close some trades in minor loss yesterday as I did not expect the markets to fall so drastically in the second half. 
  2. I had to do some minor adjustments to some of my monthly banknifty trades.
  3. Reliance is consolidating. The ce spread which I had executed is already in profit.
  1. The world markets are looking good. Yesterday the US markets rallied strongly. The techs came back strongly.
  2. European markets were flat. 
  3. Today morning the Asian markets came off from lows after China data. SGX suggests that we will open in flat zone. Lets see whether we will break 20 DMA today.
  1. Crude is at $39.5
  2. $ is at
  3. Crude is at below $40 and the demand seems to be not coming back.
  1. FII bought for 298cr. This is surprising. 
  2. DII sold for 120cr. 
  3. Then who sold so much for banknifty to fall so much???