Trade setup for 2nd November

 The volatility has started in the markets as we are nearing the big event. I personally feel that the markets are going to fall irrespective of the US election result. I may be wrong also. So I am trading with negative view and I my volumes are very very low. I will be taking a trade today for the election and I will also share that in all the channels. Lets see how things take shape. 

Hero came out with sales and it was totally opposite of what Rahul bajaj said. They had the highest monthly sales. There is a lot of criticism of bajaj as to how did hero perform so well.

Aditya puri of HDFC bank has joined caryly as senior advisor. 

The GST collections numbers which came were good as it is again above 1lak cr. 

For this week, it is only election, election and election. So all the other good and bad news may not play any importance. 

I had run a small poll in twitter as to who will win the election and 75% feel that it is Trump and 25% feel it is Biden. I strongly feel that Trump will win again. Again, I may be wrong. I am just shooting in the dark.


  1. Now I am trading intraday only for some more days. On Friday, I had bought some nifty calls and sold them at the end of the day. There was a very small profit of around 2.5 thousand. 
  2. Today I will be doing a slightly big intraday strategy. Let's see how things go. 
  3. I will also give a strategy for the election.
  1. As expected, the US markets are volatile. They have been falling for few days now. Its better to stay away from market now as these events always tend to surprise us.
  2. Europe closed in flat zone. Now some of the countries are in lock down. France is getting the heat from the Muslim countries as their products are boycotted due to the communal clash.
  3. Today Asia is positive and it looks like we will open in the green. I don't think we will cross 12k very soon. All my negative view will be changed if 12k is crossed.
  1. Crude is falling as the consumption is falling drastically. Now it is below $40 which is bad for the world economy. It is good for India as we buy but the loss from falling world consumption is bad for India.
  2. $ is at Rs 74.47
  1. Fii have sold for 870cr and DII have bought for 630cr.
  2. FII have bought a little too much and now it will be time for them to sell, probably after the event and DII have accumulated cash to buy and support the market.


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