Trade setup for 21st Jan

 Again the markets have hit an all-time high. In 4 days, markets have gone 400 points up. This is how aggressive the markets can get. Any small dip is getting bought aggressively. Now many stocks are hitting highs. Yesterday, Janet Yellen comment boosted the markets. Yesterday, it was a historic day for the US. Biden took an oath and he immediately reverted many things which Trump administration had done.

In our markets, reliance has started to move. It was around 2000 for a long time. Now there is a breakout there. 

Autos are in a different mood, especially tata motors. It is now 50% in a month. This is a massive move for a big index stock like tata motors. Even bajaj auto, maruti, MRF, ceat shot yesterday. Now MRF is the costliest stock and it now at 95k. It will definitely reach 1lak in some time. One can buy futures, but put a strict SL as things may change anytime.

Today we have a lot of results like bajajauto. Bajfinn came with results after market hours yesterday. Today even that will be in focus.

Today is weekly expiry and this was one of the most volatile expiry I have seen. For now, I am still in good positions. Lets see how it will turn out. 

Now the prebudget rally will start. Not sure if that will be upside or downside. Seeing the markets, it looks like upside will continue till 15k.

Sensex is now 200 points away from 50k. This is one of the old and biggest exchange. Today that might happen and there might be some profit booking. Now what is the next milestone for all the indices. All have made highs, round figures are achieved. Let's see how it shapes out.

Today there is a monetary policy in japan. So the Asian markets are higher. 


  1. Today I will buy futures or ce options in MRF. I am expecting it to goto 1lak+ soon. 
  2. My nifty future short was in loss yesterday. Now I have hedged that in the options markets. Now the risk is very low and that is in control. Still it is in loss. Lets see how it will work in next week.
  3. My butterflies also came in risk yesterday and I had to average that. Today will be a huge firefighting day for me as many of my positions are in danger zone. 
  4. No new positions are added. 
  1. In US, Netflix came with wonderful results and that shot 16%. Obviously, nasdaq shot close to 1.5%
  2. Europe also closed in the green.
  3. Today morning the Asian markets are also in the green.
  1. I was telling and warning that the fall in nifty few days back was not backed by FII. In fact they were net buyers all these days. 
  2. Yesterday they came out aggressively. They bought for 2289.05cr and DII sold for 860cr.
  1. Crude is below $56. 
  2. $ is at $73
  1. Nifty has max OI at 14700ce and 14500pe
  2. Banknifty has max OI at 32500ce and 32000pe
  3. Max pain of nifty is 14600 and that of banknifty is 32400
  4. Nifty might range from 14750 to 14650
  5. banknifty may range from 31800 to33k