Trade setup for 26th Feb


Finally, the volatile month is over. Feb started at 13500, went up to 15200. Again came down to 14600 and closed around 15100. From today the intraday leverage will go down to half. So now you will get only 1X more. Now we need to see if intraday volatility will reduce and will the liquidity reduce. Frankly, I don't think so. 

Yesterday was one of the calmest monthly expiries I have traded. I was in full tension for the entire day as I was waiting for volatility which did not come. I was able to make a wonderful profit.

Yesterday it was Reliance to the help. It shot up 4% yesterday taking nifty higher. 

The bond yields are rising in the US. The US markets ended in the red. Dow lost more than 500 points and nsadaq fell close to 500 points. The techs were under pressure. Tesla fell by 8%. Bitcoin was down 5%. Gold also fell 2%

Biden has ordered an airstrike on Iran based militia groups in Syria.

Today asian markets are also down. The previous low of 14650 is now the support. If that is broken then we will fall more.

The US jobs data came and it was good.

The inflation is set to rise as crude is shooting. If the Syria issue escalates then crude will go even higher.

Luckily, these events are happening after the expiry. Traders would have lost more if this would have happened yesterday including me. 

Till now all dips were bought. This may not continue. There will be a dip which may not be bought like others. I somewhat feel that this will be that dip. I am expecting that the fall will escalate and will break the 14500 levels. Let's see. Now 15000 will be strong resistance.


  1. Today I will do some intraday trades. Will take a fresh position on Monday.
  2. The call ratio spread which I had done some days back for march expiry will be in great profit today. 
  3.  I will start investing in equity if there is a fall in nifty. I will do this if it falls below
  1. Dow in deep red.
  2. Europe in deep red
  3. Today Asian markets are in deep red. SGX is suggesting a 300 point cut.
  1. FII bought for 200cr and DII sold for 700cr.
  2. Today it is obvious that FII will be selling.
  1. Crude is at $63
  2. $ is at Rs 73