Trade setup for 13th April

 I was warning about markets collapsing. Finally, after a long time, I got an opportunity to tap my back and say "I told you". But the problem was, I was warning from when the markets were 14500. Markets went to 15200 and then fell to 14300. So I was wrong from 14500 and now I am acting like a hero. That's how all analysts do. If I was so sure then I should have shorted the markets right, which I have also not done. So I don't have any moral right to boast.

Anyway coming to the market, markets are finally having some sanity. Again covid has acted as the trigger for the markets to fall. 

Yesterday I did create a video on my trade setup for the coming days. Click here for the video.

Dow Jones and S&P 500 RSI is at 70+ which means that even they are overbought. But markets make a movement on a trigger. We got a trigger, but the US markets have not got a trigger. Let's see if they correct like us will we be wrong again.

Now the vaccination drive is happening aggressively in India. India has approved the emergency use of the sputnik vaccine. Dr reddy will be doing the honours so it was in green yesterday as well.

Since there was a bad fall, there might be some covering but the overall markets are weak. Banks are the weakest index and we may see other indexes also follow that soon. For the year 2021, banknifty is in negative.

Yesterday the TCS delivered a fantastic result. Today that will be in focus and we can see some volatility in TCS. I thought of doing a trade-in this but I had to cancel as we had a massive fall yesterday and I was busy doing some adjustments.

So people who thought that selling option in a week where there is a holiday is easy. I told you long back and many times, delta change can be dangerous than your theta gains.

Now nifty has strong support at 14200. If any bounce has to happen, it should happen here and it should close above 14500. Otherwise, it will go down lower.

Till now, every fall was used to buy-in. There will be a fall which will not be bought. It looks like this is that fall. Now earning should prove it wrong which I don't think will be able to do. Let's see. Time will show us.

We had the macro data where inflation was higher and growth was lower.


  1. My trade in Zerodha account is not at all changed. I was in a loss of around 4k. But today, I may end the day in positive. Let's see. I will be updating in the telegram and other channels.
  2. I did not do any new strategy as I was busy doing adjustment for my iron fly and butterfly.
  3. Still, these are at a loss. I need to take action today as well if things don't work in my favour.
  1. The US markets closed in the red. But they did not fall like us. 
  2. Europe was also in the red.
  3. Today the Asian markets are in the green. Nikkei is up more than 1%. SGX is flat. 
  1. FII sold for 1740cr and DII bought for 230cr.
  2. See the amount FII have bought for last 2 years. Now its profit booking time for them. They will use every rally to sell in.