Trade setup for 28th May

 Yesterday was another wonderful expiry. We did manage to close at the highest close. So we need to give a big applause for this. We are just inches away from an all-time high. Nifty has managed to close in the green for 4 days now. There is some resistance as we go near the ATH. It's just a matter of time when we will be going to ATH, but that should happen soon. Yesterday I ran a poll on Twitter to check what people feel about whether 15k or ATH will be made first. The majority feel that ATH will be made first. Usually, the consensus is always wrong. Let's see, if this is right or wrong.

Today's first hour will decide the market movement as yesterday's cannot be used for concluding anything.

Yesterday was an expiry driven move. Esspecially the last half hour, nifty mover almost 80points. I was able to make a wonderful profit of around 1lak 30 thousand intraday. Positionally, it was more than 2lak. Today is the last day where we get 50% leverage. From Monday you will need to bring 75% of the margins. This is the rule as per the SEBI circular. 

Covid is coming down gradually but it is still high. Also, the vaccination is also being increased. If this continues then we may soon see some relaxation. 

Yesterday the US markets shot up after good jobs data.  There was optimism over economic recovery. There was some profit booking in the second half and dow lost half of what it gained and Nasdaq closed in the red. The techs saw huge selling. 

Uday kotak has told that govt should print more currency to save the economy.

Yesterday, I was not able to release the video on 'short straddle and adjustment' as we had some technical problem. It is released now and I will be doing a live trade on the strategy today. You can see the video below


  1. I have not taken any trades for this expiry. Today I will be executing few butterflies, and ironfly's
  2. Yesterday, FII has sold and that is a cause of worry and India-Vix is again back to 20. So I will be a little cautious here. I won't be surprised if we fall slightly after ATH. 
  3. I have executed the BHEL trade which I had posted sometime back and it is in good profit till yesterday.
  1. After 5 days, FII has sold 660cr and DII bought for 112cr.
  1. The US markets were mixed. Dow and S&P closed in the green but Nasdaq closed in the red.
  2. Europe was almost flat.
  3. Today the Asian markets are in the green. SGX is suggesting a 50 point gap.
  1. Crude is at $69. This is fine for India. If it goes above 75-80 then it will be a problem.
  2. $ is at Rs 72.59