Trade setup for 12th July


Over the weekend, it looks like the delta variant is gone, at least from the stock market point of view. On Friday, there was a fear that the covid will be back and there was also some vaccine shortages in many states. But today, the markets are in rally mode and looks like the fears are no more. Today the Asian markets are just rallying higher.

Now there are new versions of the virus. I thought only options traders were interested in greeks. Looks like even Covid viruses are interested in greeks. Now we are having lambda, delta, etc.

Nifty is just playing ping pong. between 15600 to 15900. It's good. Let it play this ping pong game for a long time because the breakout or breakdown after that will be very strong. The longer the consolidation, the stronger will be the break and it will give a good conviction as well.

Italy has been crowned the king of Europe in football after they beat England. Seeing the crowd there, it looks like we never had any covid. People in the ground had no masks, no distancing. Not sure how they are even doing it. The same was the case in the Wimbledon as well. The stadiums were overcrowded with no covid policy in place. 

Djokovic is the winner of the Wimbledon. 

Richard Branson has made it and he is flying his own rocket to space.

So Zomato will be coming up with its IPO. The P in zomato stands for profit.


  1. I had executed a short straddle in nifty at 15700. I got a wonderful decay. So I closed them for intraday.
  2. Today I am planning to execute a short straddle at 15700 which is ATM.
  3. I had sold tatamotors, tatasteel, reliance, IGL PE with the hope of taking delivery. But the rally might continue and I should be able to close some in good profit this week. I will close them and move to closer strikes.
  4. I had taken a trade in the starting of the month 
    1. +2 X 15700pe 
    2. -1 X 15900pe   This trade is in loss now. Currently, its in a loss of 5k. I will do doing adjustments from this week as there will be faster decay in premiums from now
  1. The US markets rallied on Friday.
  2. Today the Asian markets are in green. Japan is up 2%. Last week it fell as they declared that there won't be any spectators for the Olympics. 
  3. The European markets also closed in the green.
  1. Crude is at $75.5
  2. $ is ar Rs74.5


  1. FII are selling continuously. On Friday, FII sold for 1124cr and DII bought for only 106cr